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Scott Kingsley Bass

Scott Kingsley


Born in California, raised in Virginia; Scott began playing bass since he was 15. Starting in an unnamed high school punk band, Scott went on to college where he became bassist in the cover band Maud Gonne. After a brief summer tour the band went their separate ways and Scott after already having spent years in retail, and broadcast of music joined the ranks of production establishing himself as Production manager of the infamous Jaxx Nightclub. It was within this hallowed hall that he met Ron Thayer and helped lay the foundation and later on the low-end for GI9.



  • Basses: Ibanez EX445 with HIPSHOT dropG-Tuner

Shure GLX D-16

Ampeg 4x10

Ibanez GSR105EX

Amps: Line6 HiWatt750 Bass head






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