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Justin Wilson Drums

Justin Wilson


Justin is a drummer out of Springfield VA and has been playing drums for over 22 years. He has been involved in several projects along the way. His experience primarily lies in hard rock and contemporary/jazz music. After the demise of his previous project, Above the Silence, Justin was in search of a new beginning in his musical career. Shopping at the local Home Depot, he met with Ron Thayer and discussed musical ambitions. One year later Justin was presented with the opportunity to fill in and eventually became the drummer of Gi9. Justin brings a host of different musical backgrounds and is committed to being the heart beat of this project in the years to come.


Justin Wilson uses the following gear:


Drum Workshop

DW Performance Series


Zildjian A Customs and Meinl Extreme Metal Classics

Pearl Hardware

Pearl Eliminator Double Bass Pedal


Mapex and Pacific drum hardware

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