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The Story...

GI9, an idea that once sat on a couch in a few people minds is now manifesting itself faster than anyone thought possible; especially the band.


Once the idea was set the project just needed a name.  The name GI9, has and will always be accredited to an upset four year old in Fairfax, Virginia.  The band name brought fourth when she took a sharpie and ruined a brand new drum head by writing in very large lettering “P I G” on the surface.  With the deed done, adding insult to injury she lifted the head in the air for all to see.  Holding it up so she could read it, there it sat in big bold letters, “G I 9.”  She proudly pronounced “Pig!”


With a direction and a name the band began.  With a few lineup changes the band was finalized.  The lineup sits five strong with Ron Thayer on vocals and guitar, Scott Kingsley on bass, Justin Wilson on drums and Aaron Forbes on the Keyboard.  Practices began and the band gained confidence for their first show.  Gi9 was given an opportunity to start off with a big name in the industry and was directly supported by the band “Nelson.”  The band took the stage, hit the first chords and after the first song the crowd knew that Gi9 was not the typical local band.


The family began growing; people began asking just who GI9 was.  The more people looked the more they found about Gi9.  The band played many shows in the D.C. metro area, looking to spread the sound.  They’ve done it all from headlining at the Jammin’ Java to opening for bands such as The Road Ducks, Gojira, The Agonist, Threat Signal, (hed)PE, Powerman 5000, Thy Will Be Done, Mushroomhead, Carbomb, The Chariot, Sponge, DRI, and various others.

With the numerous touring nationals GI9 has been honored to share the stage with a lot of local bands, home and abroad.  The response is unbelievable.  No matter where they play, there is a level of respect gained from everyone.  The bands, the national crews, house crew and fans all respect the music and the vibe that surrounds it.  Gi9 was brought together, not only as a band, but as a crew of individuals with 30+ years in the industry; bartending, bar backing, security, production and every other job in between.


The band has been approached with offers such as film scores, national tours, festivals, and countless support where ever they go.  Without ever hearing the band, club owners know to get the bars fully stocked when GI9 is on the bill.


From a couch the band has erupted and placed the desire for more in the eyes of people across the nation; while retaining its fundamental roots.  They play each show and practice as if it could be there last and yet maintain the energy that it is their first.



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