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Ryan Whitmore Guitars



Coming from Fredericksburg, Virginia and not having much experience as a musician at the time Ryan learned very quickly that music was his calling. Being only 15, Ryan began seeking out people to form a band with. Having no success in finding a band, he decided to just teach himself guitar in the hopes of eventually finding a group of talented individuals. Moving to Fairfax Va. Ryan was introduced to GI9 and took the position as guitarist and has been shredding the states ever since.




  • Guitar’s: Schecter Guitars (LTD Deluxe M-1000 and a matte black epiphone Les Paul as backups)

  • Cabinet: Crate 4X12 with vintage 30 speakers

  • Amp Head: Line 6 Spyder valve HD100 with bogner tubes

  • Pedalboard: Line 6 FBV shortboard

  • Wireless guitar system: AKG SR 40 pro series

  • Guitar picks: 1.0mm Dunlop tortex picks

  • Guitar strings: Ernie Ball 10-11 gauge guitars strings




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