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Ron  Thayer Vocals/Guitars

Ron’s Bio


With a back ground in violin and percussion, Ron picked up the guitar at the age of 17. And while using anything to amp the sound up he quickly found that the drive of a heavy guitar was the way to go..

The experiences through the years that followed provided the drive that has become the "Gi9” sound. After working in the industry as security for over 20 years Ron put together the foundation of this sound with several different people. Visceral was the name and out came what was to become Gi9. It was at this time that with the prodding of a few people, Ron developed the vocal stylings and dig on the guitar of which you hear today. One day, as the sound was coming together, Ron stated the following:” So long as even just one person is diggin this, I will continue to write music” Ron has performed for over 7 years with the band as the leader, singer, and has always had the same outlook as he did on the first day: “Any good oar in the water is a good oar to have on my boat. Let’s go!"


Weapons of Choice

Agile (7 String)

LTD  ESP h-207 (7 String)

Dean V (6 string)

Greco les paul (6 string)



Line 6 Spider Valve HD 100 pushed by Bogner Tubes

custom cab 2 12' Texas Heat & 1 15'


Vocal Mics

Sennhiser mic (wireless)

Rode one mic (wired)


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